こんにちは☀️ 日本人インターンスタッフのChieです^^ 今日は台湾人インターンスタッフのPeggyがお勧めのジェラート屋さんを紹介してくれます🍦 それにしてもすっごく美味しそうです(>_<)💗 今度は私も一緒に行ってみようと思います🎵      

Hello, this is Peggy.

IMG_5499 Today, I want to introduce famous Italian ice cream. f The name of restaurant is Gelatissimo Look at this, so many flavors in here, it looks so delicious!!!   d They have 32 various flavors, taste good and are low in fat. What flavor of ice cream do you want to eat? It’s difficult to choose one, right? Don’t worry, you can try to eat any flavor of ice cream, it’s free!!   We choose three flavors to recommend you!!! fa Berry-many kinds of berries inside, it tastes sweet and sour, you can eat many kernel of fruit. Vanilla– it tastes deliciously and milky. Salted Caramel– not too sweet, has salt inside to balance sweet. It’s my favorite flavor!!    

—–Price ———

1 scoop P120

2 scoop P170

3 scoop P200


    There sale cakes also.   re Mango Sugar Cake P130   he Oreo Cheese Cake P130   Address : Streetscape, Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City (Streetscape near Henry Hotel in Banilad)     Last, Let me introduce teacher to you! ra Name: Rachel S. Seballo Hobbies: Dancing, playing volleyball, acting, reading books (storybooks, novels) Message for students: Education is the best weapon to win the battle in life.