5/9 Philippine Presidential Election


Hello, I’m Howdy intern staff.

My name is Jing-Jin.

I come from Taiwan.

I will tell you the big news that happen in Philippine recently. 🙂

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What’s the date of May 9th? It’s the Philippine presidential election in 2016.When I went out I saw many flyers of campaign for president.Many teachers of Howdy also went back to their hometown to participate in this big event this day. They are enthusiastic about the election.It was amazing when you saw the huge crowded in front of the polling station!


There are 5 candidates for the presidency this year. They are include the incumbent vice president – Jejomar Binay、Rodrigo Duterte、Mar Roxas and two female candidates Miriam Defensor Santiago and Grace Poe. Howdy-election 4 Philippine have presidential election on the first Monday of May once every 6 years since 1992. They use Plurality voting system. If the candidate wins the election they will begin the presidency from 6/30/2016 till to 6/30/2022. They accept the president and vice-president come from different party. Howdy-election 3 Then, who has right to vote? If you match the conditions in the below you can become a voter!
  1. Every citizen achieves 18 years old.
  2. Become a resident for one year and stay the place which he registers at least 6 month before Election Day.
  3. Not otherwise disqualified by law
  4. The COMELEC (Commission on Elections) set a rule that the citizen need to register before a period of time of election (Filipino usually register when they are 18 years old), if they doesn’t register, their name will not show in the voter list.
PS: If the resident doesn’t attend the election 3 times, they will lose the right to vote except they register again.   Last, I will introduce one of Howdy’s teachers to you.She has a good attitude in teaching.She comes from Bohol Island.She is a funny person.

Howdy-election 7

Name: Monaliza A.Alia

Hobbies: Dancing, Listen to music, Badminton, Volleyball

Motto: A teacher who loves learning earns the right and the ability to help others learn.
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