How to learn English? Shadowing

      What is the most popular method to learn English? Did you ever hear Shadowing? Shadowing is watch video to repeat host Intonation Using follow host intonation to train your mouth’s muscle, when you follow host can improve your speaking skill and listening skill.   How to improve your English Speaking and Fluency: In order to become a good English speaker and to speak in conversation you have to speak a lot. Preferably with native speakers Yes, I know we’re not live in an English speaker country , we don’t have the chance to speak English. So we can use Shadowing.  

How to use Shadowing:

1. Choose video with English subtitle and native language subtitle

S__9142300                         You can choose theme that you feel interested Because we have to repeat many times that choose interesting theme is let’s you motive to do it  

2. Comprehension

S__9150466                           You have to understand all video content, check new vocabulary in dictionary, if you can understand all without watch subtitle.  

3. Copy

  1. Listening one sentence while watching subtitle→ stop video→ Repeat again
  2. Watching subtitle and video while repeating.
  3. Listening one sentence without subtitle→ stop video→ Repeat again
  4. Listening one sentence without subtitle while repeating.
  The goal is to copy that speaker so closely that you become that speaker.       Website recommend:  (Japanese、English and Chinese)