Interview-The Intern: Jing Jing

I would like to introduce our first Taiwanese intern.

She has stayed in Howdy for 24 weeks, now she graduated from Howdy.

Let to see the interview about her life in Howdy~~~




I’m Jing-Jin, from Taiwan, 24 years old

I was an assistant of management of screw’s company.


Why did you choose Philippine to study English?

Before I came here, I searched the information about working holiday of Australia.

Actually, I thought my English skills is not well, I afraid if I go to there, my English will not improve.

My friend recommended Philippines to me; she said is more cheap and also can learn English.


Why did you choose Howdy?

At first, I not chose Howdy, I chose another ESL school which is in Mactan Island.

But my agent told me maybe I will feel uncomfortable in there because I am a vegetarian, so I chose Howdy.

What do you think to be an intern student?

I think is a hard job to me, compare with regular student, to be an intern that I need to more strict to myself.

Of course, I prefer to be a regular student because I can only focus study, but this is a good opportunity for me that I can work with Japanese 、Philippines staff together.


Do you think is a good experience to stay in Howdy?

Yes, I met many different nationality 、culture、occupation and ages people in Howdy.

Indeed, I improve my speaking skills than before.


What’s your next plan after Howdy?

I want to go to working holiday in New Zealand, I want to get more experience and improve my English skills also.


What did you learn in Howdy?

Not only English, I learned how to independence and got brave to live in Philippines without my parents.

And my work in Howdy, I learned how to make a call, it’s very useful for me.




Good luck for Jing-Jin !!



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