【English】Interview-The Intern: Takashi


Name Takashi Sugal
Age 63 years old
Career Second hand book seller
Nationality Japan
  1. Introduction

I’m Japanese. I’m 63 years old. I grow up in the countryside of Japan. I moved to the Tokyo when I was college student. I live in Sakata City which is located in northeast of Japan now. In Japan, I sell the second-hand books.

  1. Why you come to Philippine?

I love Philippine! I love Cebu! I like the personality of Filipino. They always think in optimistic way and feel happy all the time. I promise I’ll come back soon.

  1. Why you want to learn English?

I learn English because it’s my hobby not just for the job or other reasons. I am fond of watching movies, listening music, reading novels and going abroad so I decided to be a student again.

  1. Why you choose Howdy?

I had studied in other language school in Cebu before. After I went back to Japan, I found “Howdy” in internet. They recruited senior age intern. At the time, I wanted to try it. Now, I know it’s a marvelous experience for me.

  1. What do you learn in Howdy?

I learn how to communicate with other people. Due to I work with Taiwanese so I must to speak English. Although I think English it’s totally different from Japanese, I discover all the language have similar points.

  1. What’s the advantage to study in Howdy?

The food in Howdy is best in Philippine! All the equipment is new and the atmosphere is very nice.

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