He completely killed his duty with the keyword I will do whatever I can for people

Tom interview 5months

The senior intern Tom (Yoshitomo Matsuoka) has just finished his work on this March. He always makes people happy with his lovely smile.
We had an interview with him about what comes up in his feeling after killing his mission as an intern.

How long did you stay here?
I have stayed close to 5 months.
I was supposed to finish my internship here at the beginning of January this year but I extended 2months until March because I wanted to explore Cebu more.

I’m 66 years old now and they called us Pensioner. At the age of 65, we start to receive the pension in Japan because most of them retire around that age. However I’m very healthy. I still have stamina to grab some opportunities to work and see the different people outside of Japan.

What makes you feel want to work in Howdy?

A year ago, I worked in India. After finishing my stay there, I went back to Japan and had a vague realm to get some opportunities. Fortunately, I got information from my daughter regarding “Senior Intern” in Howdy English Academy. Without hesitation, I submitted my resume immediately.

How was your life in Howdy as an Intern staff?
At first, I was in a quandary of what to do as the said position because I don’t have such experience ever since.

But few months later, I realized that my existence as a Senior Intern has a purpose especially for those who are in the same generation with me. In addendum, they could easily approach me about their needs. The feeling of coziness and satisfaction absorbs deeply inside of me whenever I receive compliments from the customers.

A variety of people come along the way as I stay in Howdy. Students, teachers and staff including janitors, maintenance people and receptionists gave me indispensable and indescribable memories that I could treasure in my life.

Thus, I made my own adage “I will do whatever I can for people”.

How did you find the classes in Howdy?
As an Intern student, I’ve got both man-to-man and group classes. I also have someone who could assist me, my Adviser.

In man-to-man classes, Howdy provides great situations that you can get use to speaking English and place you in English spoken environment.

Basically, I had a class with my adviser and other teachers. Every one has slated classes plotted in the schedule but sometimes changes occur due to some specific reasons. In this case, I could experience to communicate with another instructor, which gives me a chance to meet another people.

When it comes to the group classes, diversity of students is mixed together, in which every individual is in different level. Such situation is difficult to surmount. However, teachers are flexible enough to handle such circumstances. Teaching and learning is a two way process which means to say that we learn from each other regardless of the level of students.

When I started to involve myself to English atmosphere, there is only one thing that I don’t forget −−− “Any language is the tool of communication.”

How is your English going on?
As I compare it a year ago, my English skills have improved.
New expressions and vocabularies are injected in my brain that I can use in having daily conversation with different people. Now, more confidence is running through my veins than a year ago.
That is why I appreciate the opportunities in Howdy.

What are the tips to study English? Do you have any tips?

After memorizing the useful expressions and basic sentences, you need to build up your vocabularies applied for daily conversation
One of the most recommendable things is keep doing.

Let me see the two options.
Option 1 – Study English intensively for 2 hours in one day of a week. (e.g. Sunday – 2 hours)
Option 2 – Study English for about 10 – 15 minutes every day.
Which option would you take? Total amount of time will be almost same.
Having a break is necessary for us. However, being persistent is the crucial point.

Why did you start to learn English? I heard you started studying English around more than 40 years ago…
To be honest, my first motive to study English is quite simple. When I was 19 years old, I was kind of attracted by western women (LOL). At that time, few of them can communicate using Japanese language than today’s phenomena. Therefore, my eagerness started to bloom.

How did you find Cebu? What kind of impression about Cebu do you come up with?

Before I came to Cebu, I was a bit eerie because of some negative information such as high crime rate, dangerous streets at night and ravenous wild dogs who will possibly bite you.
As time goes by, I got use to living here and I found out that people are accommodating, friendly and approachable so my stay is valuable. Moreover, most of the people in Cebu can understand English so it’s easy to deal with them compared to other Asian countries.

Hmm… I see. At the end of the interview, do you have something to say lastly?
Howdy can provide the well-arranged English spoken environment. So if you really want to change your obsolete brain to an updated one, Howdy is the suitable place. Howdy teachers are not just preceptors but they can be your friends who will guide and take care of you as you traveled your journey here. Howdy is pretty much suitable for the first stage of studying English.
Thank you, Tom!
Closing remark
His adage “I will do whatever I can for people” has made significant influence not only for students but also to us. The attitude toward his work contributes the encouraged working environment.
We are cheering your future up!